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There are lots of different advantages to living in a single level home. It’s easier access all of the living areas within your home without having to worry about the fuss or dangers of stairs. It’s also a much more energy efficient way to live, as well. There are a lot less needs for cooling and heating because you don’t have to worry about an upstairs or a basement to maintain comfortable temperatures. But choosing a single level home can offer more than just convenience and safety; it can also be a great living opportunity, too! When it’s time to start looking for your single level dream home, and you’re trying to decide on where and what type of home you want to live in, you should consider these pointers below to help you determine what the best fit for your desired lifestyle is:

  • Community Living: Have you thought about living in a community? There are lots of great types single level home communities that are geared towards certain age groups. For those in their retirement years who are 55 and older, there are communities that will not only provide a great home, but also a great environment that will keep your retirement years fun, and full of good times. Living in a community where your neighbors are in the same stage of life as your own will guarantee meaningful friendships, and a more mature, quiet, and comfortable atmosphere. If community living isn’t quite your style and you would like a single level home that is outside of a community there are options available, but they may not be as convenient or welcoming as a community set up in this way.


  • Special Amenities: What types of amenities would you like to have in your single level home community? Would you be interested in amenities such as a fitness center or swimming pool? What about paved pathways that are designed for walking or bicycling? Would you enjoy having access to a community center so that you can host family gatherings or social events? These types of amenities are so important to consider when looking into your future single level home community. What sort of amenities will suit your current lifestyle, and which would be something that you would like to try and do more often? Especially if looking for a retirement community, it’s a luxury to be able to have those types of amenities available for your enjoyment.


  • Maintenance Free: Having an organization that will take care of the outside of your home to keep it looking great can be a wonderful time saver. Living in an area without having to worry about mowing the grass or shoveling the snow will not only be easier on your body, but it will also free up your time for other activities that you may prefer doing.


  • Better Living Standards: Would you like to live in an area where there are specific standards of living? Perhaps in a housing development where the age of the occupants must be of retirement status? Or possibly a home owners association that helps to maintain a pleasant appearance and functionality to the neighborhood? Then an organized single level home community may be exactly what you are looking for.


After considering these pointers, you may now be ready to begin looking for that perfect single level home. Contact Leisure Villas today if you would like more information about our 55+ living communities.