Top 10 Complaints about Buying a New Home – Part 1 (Retirement Homes, Senior Community, Second Home)


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Have you or someone you know, recently bought a new home?

I’d ask how the experience was, but if you’re like so many others, you’ve probably tried to block the memory.

Buying a home, new or used, has traditionally been part of the American Dream, but it hasn’t happened without its share of headaches.

A little preparation can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Most people however look at buying a home in the same way that they look at buying a car. Thanks to the Japanese revolution, when you buy a new car, most people expect it to be perfect. It’s all machined, painted, polished and ready to drive off the lot in pristine condition.

A new house is not a car. Some homebuilders do get it right, but many do not. Managing expectations before you start shopping will greatly improve your experience.

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Our newest 55+ Active Adult Community in Herriman, Utah


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Do you live in Utah? More specifically, Salt Lake County?

You’re going to like this…

We’re finally here in Herriman!

Leisure Villas, Utah’s favorite builder of active senior communities, has finally opened our newest 55+ community for sale in the Salt Lake Valley as of August, 2016.

If you’ve known about this new subdivision and have just been waiting for us to sell you one, hurry in today. For the rest of you, perhaps you’re new to Leisure Villas and are wondering, what makes us so great?

True, we are the leaders in active adult communities. We admit this, not because we’re boastful, but because over 1000 satisfied seniors have said so.

What Makes Midas Creek Villas The Perfect Place For You?

Most of the new homes in Salt Lake County are moving west.

If you’re looking for a new home in Salt Lake County, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that most of the new construction is taking place a little further west. Riverton and Herriman are on the forefront of this booming growth.

Like any good builder, we wanted to be where the building is happening. Therefore, we welcome you Herriman.

You can find our subdivision right where Midas Creek crosses Anthem Blvd. That is approximately 12200 S. 5590 W. Since this is relatively new, you might have a hard time finding it on GoogleMaps. Hopefully this will give you an idea of where we’re located:

Every community we build has a particular look and feel to it. Let’s go over what you can expect in the design.

From Hardie board to stucco, stone and brick, styles are constantly shifting. Sometimes it can be a little daunting trying to keep up with the trends. At Leisure Villas, we believe in making the homes as timeless as possible. Our goal is to keep the community looking good, long after a trend has come and gone. For this particular subdivision, we are going to install a timeless mix of brick and stucco.

Other builders will often have the general contractor pick out the colors and various surfaces. Sometimes this works out well. Often it looks less than stunning. As for us, we employ people who specialize in beauty.

Our Team of decorators and designers have spent a lot of time making sure that this subdivision, like our others, will look great for years to come. If you don’t believe us, just visit any of our last several communities and see how beautiful we make them. We really do care about the look and feel of our community. We know you do too.

Last of all, if you’re not familiar with Leisure Villas and the quality communities we build, pay attention:

We aren’t your average homebuilder. You aren’t the average homebuyer. We build homes for those who are 55 and older.

Why should that make a difference?

Easy, for this age group, we understand that you are active and enjoy life. We also understand, as do you, that the next twenty years or so aren’t going to be as friendly to your body as the last twenty have been. These communities are built so that quality of life is maximized throughout the many stages you or your spouse may soon travel.

This means that we have plenty of activities around our clubhouse for the active lifestyle, but the whole community from the individual homes to the clubhouse is also wheelchair accessible. That’s obviously something we don’t look forward to, but it’s nice to know that here, we can at least check one more thing off our list of worries.

If you haven’t grabbed your keys yet, you might be missing out.

Just hop in your car and give us a visit. You’ll be glad you did. Starting in October 2016, our sales office will be open from 10am to 5 pm, Mondays through Saturdays.

Most people who move here, never want to move again. After all, you’ve worked hard your whole life. Isn’t it about time you treated yourself to something nice? Come see why humbly call ourselves, Utah’s best and favorite builder for anyone 55 years and better.


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